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The one that NEARLY got away.....

Hi! Well here is the second of the potential suppliers that I found. A risk that may pay off in the future.... This one has some ups and downs with a great twist in the end that just made it all worthwhile. Please don't be too quick to judge this and read right to the end........ Browsing eBay I came across a gorgeous color combo called River of Lights and decided to have a chat with the designer. She told me what she had and gave me a link to her website. Tatting-wise nothing really screamed from the page but the colors are incredible. So I decided to take a risk and buy some 20-2 organic cotton. Always up for new experiences. It arrived in record time...a 500 yard ball!!!! Not expensive. So I thought the risk was worth it. Ok - the tat test..... Unfortunately - this is one that would be a wonderful crochet thread or good if you are a loose tatter and perhaps even needle tatters might find it ok cos there is less stressing the thread. There is no

And now for something completely different - not 25 motif challenge related!!

Someone asked me a while back what threads I liked to use. I tend to use anything that I can get because thread is pretty hard to come by over here if you want something other than Perle cotton I found that the Anchor perle 12 was a delight to work with and was happy with that for a while cos the colors were really good.....THEN...... Dantatter - my tat and chat buddy from Denmark had some hassles getting some of Yarnplayers wonderful thread. Marilee graciously agreed to send them to me and I forwarded them on from here. As a result - Dantatter kindly gifted me a skein of Garden Afternoon and I became hopelessly hooked on HDT. (sounds so evil doesn't it?? H.D.T.............. "and what was she using?...M'Lord, she's using HDT......"). But oh it tis a WONDERFUL addiction......... Skeins started flying all over the world. Yarnplayer, Tatskool, LadyShuttlemaker......they all became suppliers to my growing need. So I started seeking more suppliers.. I mean - what if Ya

Motif 9.

The weather is still quite warm here but the need to tat is greater!! Here is my MOTIF 9 Catherine Wheel Split Ring Motif Interesting design and a lot of fun to tat. Pattern designed by Julie Patterson. Found in the Australian Tatters Guild (Victorian Branch) newsletter January 2006. Thread is Altin Basak green 50

It's here.....REALLY here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee,, hooray......

OK - worked out I am excited yet?? LOL Why? I have a new tatting book!! Hmmm...Pointed out to me by a friend who was here this morning - that I already have MANY (too??) tatting books - so what was so important about this one????? (Hrmpp - non-tatters!!!) The thing is.. I am a tatting addict. There - out in the open. (As if those of you who know me didn't realise this already!!). If it is tatting related - I gotta get it. But most of the fun of my tatting addiction comes from the chase...that obscure pattern, thread, shuttle or book that (regardless of content) you just HAVE to have. I am an investigator by nature, a procurer of the elusive by reputation. (modest too....). If it is frustratingly near impossible to find, I have to give it a try. There are things I have searched for over a period of years (see shuttle entry here) but I got 'em eventually!! BUT....I do have a limit to what I will pay for something. I have been chasing a book for well over a year now after seeing a