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Toni Storer Square tat-along

Hi all. As promised I contacted Toni Storer and she has given me permission to share her square doily pattern so we can do it together! {    From Toni:  Hi Jenni, yes sure you can use any of those patterns of mine.  Good to see your still tatting and sharing the skill.  } So here you go!

Cruising through the UFO list

U.F.O   Everyone has one.......come on know you do! That (those) pesky patterns that seemed too boring, too difficult at the time, ran out of thread, or you saw something shinier to try instead..... YES THOSE!! I recently swapped my craft room into the other spare bedroom and while sorting through things I came across a few (ok a LOT) of unfinished pieces. So like a good girl I put them into bags with the pattern and the thread and labelled them nicely with start date, pattern name and thread....then put them nicely into a big plastic see through box...and into the cupboard they went. (well I WAS in the process of moving office. My excuse and I am sticking to it!) I then went through all my tatting bits ad pieces and catalogued them. One piece stumped me and I went off on a complete non office moving tangent to try and identify it. Turns out it was a piece from way back in 2006. A square doily by Toni Storer published in the NSW Guild Newsletter in 2005. It was a piece to help