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Home to Australia

Wow....what a buzz that was. So much to see and do in such a short amount of time. But it was ALL wonderful and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Unpacking my bags now so I have to show you the great bags I got from Ginny and Karen. Ginny made me this awesome blue (my fav color) bag to hold my tatting projects. It has zippered compartments and the fabric inside has a tatting motif on it! Is now sporting my badges from the states I travelled through on my trip. Soon to be full of my latest project! Thanks so much Ginny. This bag means a lot to me and will be a treasured possession! XX Ginny also made me this great little mug cover. Has pockets all around the outside for quick access to shuttles and some more pockets inside! Currently sitting on my desk on the Finger Lakes mug! Karen Witchey made me a great tote bag which I am going to use to store threads in to sit near my desk when I am working. Has a gorgeous decorated horse on one side and shuttles on the other! Thank you Karen. Fo

The amazing trip - Tat Day at Ginny's. Port Byron, NY

Started the day with Ginny, Deana, Vicki and myself. A slightly overcast day, not too hot, not too cold. Perfect for tatting. Within a couple of hours we had a table full of tatters, chatting and laughing and generally having a great time. Karey Solomon brought some of her threads to look at and purchase. I was given a great little bag with some of her Tatting Times and some thread and a Finger Lakes 20th Anniversary mug (now proudly on my desk!) Kathy Berndt showed us a couple of the impressive shawls she has made. Particularly fond of the Konior Windmills one.....could have easily found its way back to Australia! It was great to catch up with her again after being at the Tat Days in Toccoa. Yes Kathy....that one!! If it ever finds itself in need of a good home....... Dani Rotach and I found that we lean to the Whovian side... Her bag, my shuttle. Ginny and her parents, Paul and Bunny set up the tables and started unloading the food for the lunch! Oh my.......such a selection o

The amazing trip - Watkins Glen, NY

After the excitement of Niagara Falls, Karen decided to take Deana McKenzie and myself to Watkins Glen. Ginny stayed home to wait for Vicki Clarke to arrive for our tatters weekend. Off we went and travelled alongside the beautiful Seneca Lake. A much more sedate day. It was perfect weather to explore and the views did not disappoint! While maybe not as awe-inspiring as Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen is an amazing place with a unique geology. This falls in full flow would be spectacular in its own right!! It has unique stone bridges.  LOTS of steps... some amazing rock formations and you get to walk behind the falls!! Karen sporting the windcheater version she bought for herself and I when we got there. Was a tad chilly! See....behind the falls!! Rather than walk to the top of the falls, we opted to drive to the park at the top and go for a bit of a walk. Simply beautiful! Quiet and so pretty.

The amazing trip Niagara Falls

On Thursday, Ginny, Bunny, Ginny's sister Karen and I went to Niagara Falls. This has to be one of THE most spectacular things I have ever seen!! I will always be so grateful to these ladies for taking me there! It was overcast and a bit drizzly, but still incredibly beautiful. At first all you see is a lovely park setting and you can hear rushing water... You walk a bit further down the path, your steps quickening without you realising it as you see the edge of the world..... the sound becomes a booming roar.... NOTHING prepares you for the sheer volume of water going over the edge! Completely awestruck and loving every moment. Ginny then suggested we go on the Maid of the Mist which takes you to the bottom of the falls and into the horseshoe. Karen, Bunny and Ginny. Ready to board. Sure, you get wet......but who cares!!! A few "one more shot" pics and then we were off home. TRULY amazing day! Best viewed in full screen!