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The UFO is conquered!!

AHA!!! No UFO is going to beat me.......(most of the time anyway) Finally finished this annoying little treasure. I started this on the way back from Denmark in 2010. I put it away after the flight home and forgot about it until I went through my UFO list in 2011 and decided to finish it. Travelling along feeling happy about how it was progressing (as you do) when....... (as it does when you forget to concentrate and get all "I KNOW this pattern" I don't need to look) I had completely stuffed up in the early rounds and there was no way to cut it out and repair!!! The whole outside was a one pass job so I cut it off ready to start again but looking at it gave me a headache so I decided to start it all over again! So finally here it is!!! The pattern is a round robin from the Danish Tatting Association magazine Orkis Bladet The designers were Inga Madsen, Ineke Kuiperij and Edwige Renaudin. Thread is DMC Cordonnet Special size 30 and the doily measures 26cm in diameter.