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Motif 16 - the hunt for the lost motif

Ok so it is NOT the pattern I said I was going to do for Motif 16. ..ah well... A while ago I did a very nice little blue motif. Before the challenge so it did not count. But it was nice so I tatted it and moved on to the next thing on the ever-increasing list... A few months later - I was looking for motifs to tat for the challenge when I came across this curious little blue motif and thought I might like to do it again. So I went to my trusty tatting diary to find out where it came from and SHOCK ....HORROR.....I had NOT even entered it! Was it Konior? NO. Was it from a Japanese book? NO. Where the heck did it come from? This was so very very not me with my obsession of recording everything I tat. So I started trying to find the pattern. No luck. So I went to InTatters and humbly asked for help. How embarrassing LOL The Pattern Hunter that can usually find even the more obscure patterns for people, couldn't find a simple motif that she tatted less than a year ago!!!! HA HA HA.