And now for something completely different - not 25 motif challenge related!!

Someone asked me a while back what threads I liked to use. I tend to use anything that I can get because thread is pretty hard to come by over here if you want something other than Perle cotton

I found that the Anchor perle 12 was a delight to work with and was happy with that for a while cos the colors were really good.....THEN......

Dantatter - my tat and chat buddy from Denmark had some hassles getting some of Yarnplayers wonderful thread. Marilee graciously agreed to send them to me and I forwarded them on from here.

As a result - Dantatter kindly gifted me a skein of Garden Afternoon and I became hopelessly hooked on HDT.

(sounds so evil doesn't it?? H.D.T.............. "and what was she using?...M'Lord, she's using HDT......").

But oh it tis a WONDERFUL addiction.........

Skeins started flying all over the world. Yarnplayer, Tatskool, LadyShuttlemaker......they all became suppliers to my growing need.
So I started seeking more suppliers.. I mean - what if Yarnplayer didn't HAVE any Garden Afternoon or Tatskool starting keeping her Rainbow Brights to herself???????? OH NO!

I came up with a few alternatives and have ordered thread from all of them. Just to sample it of course. Purely for EDUCATIONAL problem here......

Anyway, the first I will show here is from KLMATTOX via Etsy.

It is a 3 core, firm twist thread.Gorgeous colors. Designed and made by a tatter for tatters.....

Best of all - it is 300 yards!!!!!. So being on a budget does not mean you cannot get HDT. The ball is a centre pull deal. I messed it up a little when I first opened it.

This is how it tats.

Now again - I messed up this thread while I was doing this motif. DELIBERATELY!!! So any lumps and bumps are the TATTER's fault not the thread. I am really rough on the thread when I test tat it. I pull some stitches really tight, unpick sections and generally give it a hard time to see if it will be worthwhile.

This one is LOVELY!!! Honestly - on the ball I thought it might be a bit fluffy - but it tatted up smooth and really felt nice to deal with. Doesn't tangle or twist and pulls even all the way. I didn't break it pulling up rings...but then I don't tat SUPER tight.

Overall verdict??

Nice thread Linda - you've done well and I hope to order more from you in the near future!!


  1. I love HDT and am truly addicted to it! I'm glad you've found vendors to supply your needs!

  2. HDT's, I love them!! This is an awesome colorway you have shown here. I'm not familiar with the brand of thread though. I'll have to go check it out. Thanks!!

  3. Looks pretty spiffy! I too am glad that you have found vendors to enable.... mmmm.... supply your tatting needs! Your work is so lovely - you need thread to match it!
    Fox : )

  4. Oh my...the unrepentant thread junkie in me is screaming, "gotta have some NOW!" Normally I am not overly fond of 3-ply threads, as they have a softer hand and tend to split and unravel if unpicked (retro-tatted). But you say you gave it a good workout and didn't find either of those setbacks?

    Time to go visit this Etsy shop (and BROWSE...yes, browse...)

    Thanks for sharing a potential new thread source! The colors are just lovely. The yardage ideal for larger projects.


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