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Stop playing with your food!!

When I was in Denmark in 2010 I was lucky enough to have my birthday while I was there and Susanne made me a traditional Danish birthday cake which includes all sorts of sweets on it. While she was busy cooking I swiped some of the licorice strap and tatted a ring with it. Well........ on a long car trip, I got a bit bored and, well, the snake lollies just jumped out and yelled TAT ME!! So I did! (In my defence it WAS Susanne's birthday - I was just thinking of that fine cake!) My excuse and I am sticking to it!

Silver remembrance

Jamie always knew I loved my tatting and was instrumental in buying some of the lovelies I have in my collection. He knew I always loved the silver ones. With some of the money he left for me, I went on a bit of a mad silver shuttle spree. Helped enormously by the lovely Ginny Weathers!! (Ginny - thank you so much. Without you I would never have been able to get these!) So here are my latest additions to my silver shuttle collection. Love them!!

Alenalea Rako pattern.

I took up the challenge to tat Lea's gorgeous pattern. Used some of my (Still) favourite Venus 70 and it came out a tiny 13cm across. Someone is going to have to teach me to do neat petal-only flowers. Mine are always a disgrace! This is a lovely pattern and she has actually added more to it since I trialled it. The pattern can be found in her Etsy shop Check out her wonderful hand dyed threads while you are there. you won't be sorry. They are fantastic. (and she does custom colors too!! - just ask)

10 years of chatting.....

  These did end up a "tad" late. Mainly because we could not decide on what shuttles to get. I found some money Jamie had left towards an enamel shuttle for me. Chances of ever getting one is pretty remote so I decided to buy some silver ones I liked instead. There was some money left so I organised with Rita Richmond (Shuttles by Design) to get our 10 year International Chat Tatters shuttles made.