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Always take that detour....

I took myself away for a few days as I am starting a new job soon and won't get another chance for 12 months. Decided it would be a tatting treasure hunt trip so I hit pretty much every secondhand dealer, opportunity (thrift) shop and antique shop between Shepparton and Warrnambool. All the old towns including Bendigo and Ballarat and ....NOTHING!! On the way home I spotted a sign saying "old wares" on a side road. Nearly missed it. It is one of those places where sellers rent a small space in a big hall. I thought...what the heck. Plenty of time before I have to be home. Got there with 5 minutes to closing. Asked about shuttles, showed them the one I had with me and suddenly a woman pipes up....Oh yes I think the lady down the back has something like that!! Ta da!!!   My first shuttle find in any of those sorts of stores! The Milwards mean I can keep my promise to Shari to replace the one that never arrived in the mail and have a couple of spares to trade. There was a