The one that NEARLY got away.....


Well here is the second of the potential suppliers that I found. A risk that may pay off in the future....

This one has some ups and downs with a great twist in the end that just made it all worthwhile. Please don't be too quick to judge this and read right to the end........

Browsing eBay I came across a gorgeous color combo called River of Lights and decided to have a chat with the designer. She told me what she had and gave me a link to her website. Tatting-wise nothing really screamed from the page but the colors are incredible.

So I decided to take a risk and buy some 20-2 organic cotton. Always up for new experiences.

It arrived in record time...a 500 yard ball!!!! Not expensive. So I thought the risk was worth it.

Ok - the tat test.....

Unfortunately - this is one that would be a wonderful crochet thread or good if you are a loose tatter and perhaps even needle tatters might find it ok cos there is less stressing the thread. There is nothing wrong with the thread AT ALL - just didn't pass my personal test for MY tatting threads - it broke a few times from closing rings and unfortunately had to be put down.........

It is a very soft, perle-type thread. A little fuzzy. Others may love it. KEEP reading.

I have since talked with Tammy and she is sourcing some 6 cord size 20 thread to do her colors in especially for tatters!!! YEAH~~~

So there is the twist - from a risk comes a possibly great result!!!!!

Definitely keep an eye on Yarntopia Treasures.

Oh and BTW - I am not getting anything from these reviews. They are purely my own observations based on what I expect from a tatting thread. There are no freebies attached to these reviews in any way shape or form.


  1. It's so selfless and noble of you to be undertaking this important research on behalf of the whole tatting community!
    We don't call you "The Enabler" for nothing.......
    I've just ordered some Sweetshop and Rose from Tatskool.

  2. LOL Maureen. You know I am just a sucker for pretty things....

    Tatskool rocks!! I love her thread and can't wait to see what you make.

    Keep an eye on the mailbox...........

  3. You are so cute... "keep reading" I did, but only because of know me too well...I only look at the pictures.
    BTW, that ball of thread looked familiar...that is because I have 4 balls of thread from them!!! I have some tensel thread from them too! They do have some awesome colors. She wrote me all concerned that some of my threads I had ordered might not be suitable for tatting because they weren't 6 cord... I told her that I'm one of those tatters that likes to think outside the box when it comes to thread! I tat with 3 cord threads all the time!
    Anyway I LOVE the thread colors I have from them...I just haven't tatted with them yet! I agree they are a thread company to keep an eye on because they have some lovely stuff! :)
    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. You certainly are enabling me to go browse the new shops! And I appreciate an honest review more than the next person.

    Life can't always be sunshine and lollipops, but the twist at the end of your review really made a difference. I will go check out those gorgeous colors and await the day the 6-cord threads go on sale.

  5. I think I have one of these too. Beautiful colorway but not the best quality thread for tatting. I use it a lot for practice. Good for you for going the extra bit and encouraging her to use 6 cord!

  6. Thanks for your research! Beautiful colorway you've shown here - can't wait to see more from these folks. Yarntopia is on my watch list :)


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