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Extreme and pleasant diversions....

Recently we decided to take a break and go away for a couple of days. The second anniversary of us getting engaged was coming up and we decided to head back down to Queenscliff to celebrate. That was the pleasant side of things! We booked in to the delightful SeaView Guest House in Queenscliff and were really happy with the place. A definite one to go back to! The weather was wonderful and we instantly relaxed when we got there... and that was a GOOD thing.... because... The next day (the anniversary of our engagement) I had booked in to use a voucher I had received for my 50th (2 years ago...can't rush these things!) For...... An aerobatic flight in a Warbird!!!!!! A CJ-6A Nanchang to be exact! Yep... Can't just go around photographing the things....gotta get up close and personal and LIVE it! Seriously one of the BEST things I have ever done in my life!!!!!!! So many thanks to Ben for being prepared to stay on the ground while I flew for a change, for being my photographer f

Heading back to Stawasz

I originally did a motif from this doily years ago and always wanted to try it as a mat. So off I went. Not exactly sticking to the "finish all your UFOs before doing anything else' plan. But I needed a excuse and I am sticking to it! Thread is Venus size 40. The last of my 40 stash so I am very very sad...... Hint hint... anyone wanting to sell thread on eBay THIS is a beauty! .