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Round 2 - bookmarks 1-3

Decided to do the 25 Motif Challenge again -  this time in bookmarks! With a bit of luck I might find some ones that are not really commonly used. So if you know of any really different ones please feel free to let me know! Ok here is the first of a few done in the last month... yep slowly getting back into tatting. Bookmark 1 This is Rosy Ironbark. The pattern is by Karen Bickerton from Queensland Australia. She has this pattern for sale on her etsy site: Love it!!!!! Have done 4 of these now and it will probably remain one of my favourites. Thread is Altin Basak 50. Bookmark 2 This one is from Just Marking Tome by Julie Patterson (another Aussie). Julie's patterns are always fun to do and I really like using her designs a lot. Thread is Lizbeth Dark Purple 40. Doesn't really show up well in the photo but it also has gold Delica beads on it. The thread was re