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Image amazing are my tatting friends??? Soon as I decided to get back into it there has been nothing but encouragement and kindness.... HUGE thank you to Fox for her precious gift. I opened a package from her yesterday morning and found 2 beautiful David Reed Smith shuttles in the most gorgeous woods and with small brass hooks at the end - brought me to tears to be honest....Thank you SO much Fox!! To top the day off - my tatting bag arrived from Jane Eborall, one of the shuttles I bought last week arrived and Jon Yusoff kindly gave me a pattern of hers to try! So seeing this all added up to a "for goodness sake woman just go and tat" and I was on night shift for 12 hours with nothing much to do between patrols....I grabbed a pattern and started tatting!! Thank you ladies - I had forgotten just how much I love this craft..... You are all wonderful.....
OK.... this is getting silly now.... The former tatting addict is getting those urges again. Can hardly believe how much time has gone by since I picked up a shuttle and thread. SOOOOOO.... the challenge is on. I need something to inspire me to tat again. Not too big, not too small, and DEFINITELY not too fiddly.... Anyone got any ideas??