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Motifs 18 - 25!!!!! DONE!!!!!!

Wow has it been that long since I posted.....must be! Ok catch up time. December 2010 to present...... MOTIF 18 Single heart from Rainbow Heart bookmark. By Betsy Evans variegated pastel rayon thread. MOTIF 19 4 Ring Snowflake designed by Wendy Durell. Lizbeth 20 but I cannot remember the color...sorry! MOTIF 20 Motif from Festive Tatting. Completely and utterly stole this idea. I will admit it!! I copy-catted Fox - I just loved the way she added the beads!! So Fox - thanks for the wonderful idea and I hope you see it as a tribute to your talent and how much I enjoy your work. MOTIF 21 Mark Meyers pattern. Mauve and white cebelia (yuk.....) Difficult one for me but happy with the result. MOTIF 22 Miranda's Angels in the Snow. Bre-Aly thread size 30 Great pattern for a great cause. Happy to make the purchase, http://