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Motif 17

Ok I am back to tatting on here. Still feeling broken and missing Jamie terribly. Tatting always reminds me of him so I have been avoiding it. But I need to get back into it for my own sanity and to honour the man that supported every single ds I did while we were together. To help me along my way I decided to try AnneB's Christmas Heart. Red for the last 23 wonderful years. Blue for how my heart is feeling. Green for the beginning of the future. So here they are. Red: thread is Altin Basak 40. Blue is Lizbeth 40 and finally: Green is BabyLo 30 - lovely to tat with but unfortunately broke for me a couple of times. As usual a wonderful pattern from the very generous and talented Anne Bruvold. Thanks Anne - it is always a pleasure to tat one of your patterns.