Motif 9.

The weather is still quite warm here but the need to tat is greater!!
Here is my MOTIF 9 Catherine Wheel Split Ring Motif

Interesting design and a lot of fun to tat.

Pattern designed by Julie Patterson. Found in the Australian Tatters Guild (Victorian Branch) newsletter January 2006.
Thread is Altin Basak green 50


  1. I really like this one. It has sort of a Celtic look in the center, and I love anything Celtic! Beautiful!

  2. Does a bit. I love Julie's patterns. Definitely more of hers to come in this challenge. A few Celtic ones of hers there too.
    Yours is next Diane!!!!! In my bag ready to go tomorrow.

  3. I agree, this motif has a celtic style. I like it very much!!

  4. That is a beautiful pattern! I really like the chains around the outside - they give it a modern look. You did a lovely job tatting it!
    :) Ann

  5. That is one pretty design. So elegant. Love it.
    Fox : )

  6. Always delightful to see the motifs you do so beautifully, I don't have a vast library of tatting books, so it's nice to see patterns I'd never see otherwise.

    It's difficult to remember warm weather here in the US, where so many of us are dealing with the aftermath of several heavy snowfalls (and more still to come?). I remind myself that in a heat wave back in 1988 (3 days of 100 F temperatures) I was praying for snow! (That's before we had air conditioning :)


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