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Double addiction....

When I first met Ben he introduced me to the later series of Dr Who and I have to admit I actually liked it! Surprise surprise one night when I was watching the opening credits I noticed that there was this suspiciously shuttle-like object just BEGGED to be made real... At this point I finally had to come clean to Ben that I was an addict...yes - hard I know... always tough to break this news to a partner but it had to be done and it was ALL The Doctor's fault! His reaction?? To go off and make some artwork for me to send to "shuttle collection enabler" (my shuttle partner in crime who must not be named) to see what wonders she could create. arrived and I have to say it is BRILLIANT! Thanks "shuttle collection enabler" - once again you have shown how truly talented you are and how great a friend you are to us tatters. Always up to my odd challenges and schemes! And thanks heaps to Ben for doing the artwork and encouraging my addiction

Going a tad crazy on the shuttles......

Not only am I back tatting...but I am replenishing my diminished stash of shuttles. Still not happy about the lost ones but I have remedied that as far as I can.... Ordered another EbonyGR-8 shuttle from Randy Houtz so I thought why not lash out and spend some of my farm garage sale earnings on ME.. So I bought a Celtic resin and a plain resin as well. Randy modified the hooks for me so waiting to see how they tat. Also splurged on another Lydia Pinkham shuttle purely because I couldn't bought a coconut shell shuttle from Rosita*s Then today I managed to get probably the most unusual shuttle I have seen. It appears to be a black plastic with a lump on the side and something protruding so I asked the seller. Turns out the lump holds a pin of sorts to the side of the shuttle. Can't wait to investigate this one a bit closer! Pics when they arrive! Update...... They arrived. Here is the unusual shuttle. Would love to know details if anyone knows something about it (ot