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TALES OF SHUTTLES WON AND LOST..... Along the way this year there have been a few great shuttles collected in my travels. Some spur of the moment and impulse buys....others carefully plotted! ( I will leave you to work out which is which.......) Black "pumpkinseed" type - Grannys Thimble ETSY Susan Bates metal bobbin shuttle - Grannys Thimble ETSY Brass filigree heart - Beadinmama - eBay Brass shuttle - Rositas - eBay Silver plated leaf shuttle - Rositas - eBay Reflective Heart shuttle by Alma Negrete - Two Hearts ETSY Upcycled Vinyl Record Tatting Shuttle - shadetreeart - ETSY Engraved horn shuttle - Rositas - eBay Red Clover with pick - furrybaby - ETSY And a Lydia Pinkham......whether real or fake I don't care!!! eBay - Banyek eBay - but I can't remember who!! All of the above are well behaved and currently residing in my specially marked tatting shuttle receptacle! This one for Fox at least is safe in her busy