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Been a while.

Gosh is it really August since I last posted? Ok catch up time. I went to Denmark in September. A trip that I had planned and paid for quite a while ago and considering everything that happened recently I thought there was no point putting it off. Thanks to Susanne I saw a lot of Denmark in a short period of time. Got to drive, go to a tat day with the Danish Tatting Association and spent some time with Inga Madsen and her family. It was a good trip and I enjoyed it a lot. Susanne has photos up on her blog with some good history of the places we went, so I won't post any others on here. (But you know I just WILL sooner or later....when I finally sort through the thousand or so that I many!!) One of the places we stayed was a lovely little bed and breakfast in Skagen run by a lovely lady named Arla. She gifted me one of her paintings she had done so I tatted a small mat for her in the colors of Skagen. The houses there