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Magic squares - easier than you might think!

I was reading through Robin Perfetti's blog a while back and was interested in her tutorial on making Magic Squares. SO with my 2 UFO doilies finished (yeay me!) I decided to try it with one of my favourite patterns by Tina Frauberger. Susanne had very graciously drawn the pattern up a few years ago when we were online chat tatting and going through the Frauberger books. Her diagramming skills are SO much better than mine and these were really helpful in nutting out the terminology in the old books (Thanks Susanne) I did exactly what Robin says to do in the tutorial but I did it in Serif instead of Inkscape. After cutting out the centre I saw that the easiest thing would be to just use the long chain as it was previously used. This made it much easier as I did not have to try to develop a centre. Not keen on getting too adventurous on a first try! Anyway this is the result. Thank you so much Robin Perfetti!!

The joys of Moje Robotki

Recently I was gifted a stack of the Polish magazine Moje Robotki. There is usually a tatting pattern somewhere in the pages. A lot were from Jan Stawasz and are in his books but every now and then there is a pattern that is not in either of the books so is a bit of a bonus because not everyone is doing it! So this one came out of Moje Robotki issue 3 2007 Nice little pattern to do but I felt just the grey was too dull so I added cream to break it up a little bit. The only issue with the pattern is that the ring count for the last row is missing so I used 1-3+3-1 and it seemed to work ok.