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Clearing the way for a move....

Once I decided to start getting ready for the anticipated move I really had to take a good hard look at what I had accumulated... This is my stash::::::: Hmmm - can I really get rid of anything??? Yep.... This is what I got rid of - but in a nice way to Fiona T: Regrets? Nah not really.....haven't really had time to tat so not missing what is not there!!

Introducing The Amazing Picture Factory

This is the blog that Ben has just started. Not completed yet but there might be something that you might like or a service we can provide for you! It would be nice to be able to do this for a living!! Come and have a look at what we do.......

Tatting Shuttle Addicts.....

After a discussion with a friend I decided to start a Facebook page for Tatting Shuttle collectors and enthusiasts called Tatting Shuttle Addicts. I was hoping to give people a place to show off their shuttles and make contacts to maybe obtain shuttles from places they have had problems sourcing from. So far it has taken off and seems to be rocking along nicely!!! One of the ladies who is a member of the page is a shuttlemaker who has a couple of pretty unique designs and has recently organised some equipment that will allow her to engrave shuttles as well. So I thought I would introduce you to her here... Her name is Monica Ohana Braxton and here is the information she sent me. So if you want a "different" shuttle how about supporting a small business owner and possibly a pioneer in tatting shuttle design? Hi Jenni, Here is some information about the shuttles my husband and I make. My husband and I hand make all of our shuttles. We use small power tools and hand tools onl