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Vinnie's Spring Doily 2 - aka Motif 11

Vinnie put a call out for people to test tat her new pattern. Nothing like a challenge and something completely new to tat!! Plus that nice feeling of being in the first few to give it a go...... If you haven't been to Vinnie's blog ( ) get over there now. Her work is gorgeous and there is always something there worth looking at. So here is my version. MOTIF 11 What a sweet pattern!! Vinnie you have done so well. It was such an honour that you shared it with us. Can't wait to see more of your patterns. Thank you for the opportunity to give it a try. It was fun. Thread is Lizbeth 40 Vineyard Harvest.

New HDT finds

This thread is the second of the Etsy purchases I made a couple of weeks ago. The seller is BreAly Threads. Really like this one. It tatted up well with no twisting or breaking and the colors are refreshing. 135metres/150 yards to a centre pull ball. Decent postage cost and all over (I think) a good buy. Seller (Brenda) is really nice to deal with and should have more stock in soon They are marketed under Bre-Aly Threads. The one on the left is called Sage Rose and the one on the right is called Dream. Both are size 30 and the base thread used is Omega brand. I think it is a nice one and I will be keeping an eye out for her new stock. Scanner is playing up a bit - the colors are quite warm and blend together nicely. Look a bit harsh in this pic.

Motif 10

I have fallen in love with this little pattern. I was intending to do Lace-lovin' Librarian's "Tribute to Myra Piper" but could not decide what colors to use. So in the meantime I tatted the centre and liked it enough that it will stay as is and become my M OTIF 10 Myra Piper pattern from her book Tatting. Thread is Tourmaline by Yarnplayer. Size 40. Colors are just divine! Don't show up nearly as rich as they are in real life. One of those "must have" colors!!!