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Meant to be?

I  had a bad night where I could not sleep. So about 2am I was casually looking through eBay and came across the bargain of a lifetime. Back story has to be explained a bit first. My former partner, Jamie, spent a lot of time looking for shuttles for me and was successful in finding some really good ones for me in some of the least likely places. One of his aims was to get hold of my ultimate shuttle - an enamel floral one. Sadly that never eventuated. After he died, there was some money left that was meant to go towards my "ultimate shuttle". Figuring that would never happen, I shared some of that money with fellow International Chat Tatters to get our 10 year anniversary shuttles and went on a bit of a spend on silver shuttles to have a "Jamie" collection. As I looked through eBay that night, a shuttle popped up with a starting price of $60 USD and a Make an Offer option. It was a green enamel shuttle in reasonable condition and so I thought I would be a bit che