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Turning things around.....

After completing the Tatting the Australian Way challenge bookmarks I started thinking about some of the patterns I had stashed away in my files. I went through a few and found a pattern that was basically the same, except it was turned 'inside out'. So I did it too..... Lizbeth 40 Seriously keen to get rid of the rest of this thread.

Deceptive patterns

Belinda Spence put up a challenge in the facebook group Tatting the Australian Way. It was a free pattern and anyone could participate. LOOKED easy enough. But it actually has a more than usual level of concentration required, as we pretty much all found out! First attempt and I made the rookie mistake of thinking it was a rock along easy pattern so I used Alenalea Rako HDT...... and suffered the consequences. After attempt number 1.... after cutting out a repeat of the pattern because I joined in the wrong place (twice),I ended up untatting 9 rings in an attempt to not run out of thread. THIS is what I had left! This was the result of the first attempt. Really love Lea's HDT. Withstands unpicking beautifully and always feels great to tat with. So I decided to try it again..... This time with Altin Basak 50 in red and Butterfly gold thread Version 3 was a breeze. A couple of small unpicks and swearing at the fraying L