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Motif 15.

Sometimes you look at a pattern and say...yeah...THAT one. So you trawl for the pattern, get your head around it and off you go. Job done. And other times you wish you had stopped when you thought it looked good...cos really more ain't always better!! I was looking through Cas Arthur's website this week as I reloaded all my bookmarks and had a "I GOTTA TAT THIS" moment when I saw her background. (and Cas knows I pinch ideas from her ALL the time LOL) - if you have not had a look - go see Castats website - PLENTY there to drool over. You will see why I want to tat like Cas!!!!! I finally found where the pattern was and set about tatting it. First try was with a rather loud variegated which really did not show the pattern. So I toned it down a bit and grabbed some more appropriate olive green Perfect Quilter "Olivia" and off I went. The pattern is from Tatting a Potpourri of Patterns from Handy Hands. Round Medallion No.150

A special brag.....................

...................about a special book!!!!! My good friend Ginny Weathers has been working her butt off this last year creating some really spectacular glass ball ornaments. They have won shows and always come up really well. So she decided to put them together in a book. working..thinking..tatting..resting..working..thinking..tatting -no time much to chat .. and so it went UNTIL it has finally all come together for her and she has published her FIRST book!!!! (Yeay Ginny!!) Now Ginny's dedication to tatting is something I have witnessed first hand. She stayed with us in 2006 and every morning you could find her up with the earliest of birds wandering around the farm with tatting in hand!! She has done some incredibly (mind bogglingly) large doilies that she then donated to the nursing home where she works and I would suspect that her tatting is never far from her hands wherever she goes. So it is nice to be able to brag about her book. (And I will cos I love it!) 12 Ornaments o

Motif 14

Such a lovely night to tat.......LOL Here is MOTIF 14 Pattern is Motif 40 from TheTatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito. Thread is Venus size 40.

Motif 13

On a roll today - here is MOTIF 13 . Pattern is Musterteil - from the book Occhi-Schiffchenspitze- Frivolite by Langwieser and Scharowa. The thread is Lizbeth "Razzle Dazzle" size 40.

Motif 12 - aka - Tat'n'chat time is back....YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Happy happy Easter...what a wonderful week. Dantatter and I finally got time off at the same time to resume our tat and chat sessions. Felt like YEARS since we had a chance to do one. So..... off we went. After the usual "um what will we do?" session and the mad dash around the computers trying to find something (ok so we aren't organised.....) and the ums and arrhs of which one - finally we picked a pattern that NEITHER of us have ANY idea of its origin. It was found online - I have no idea whose pattern it is but if someone would like to let me know I will credit it accordingly. (But to the unknown designer - thanks anyway). So here they are - the first chat and tat for 2010. Susanne's version - Aida 20 thread MOTIF 12 My version - Bre-Aly HDT "Dream" size 30. From a Russian site. These tat and chat sessions have been going for nearly 6 years (chatting as our little International Chat Tatters Group) and 4 years of Dantatter and I going off on our own l