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"Loving Hearts"

Another stunning pattern from Laura Bziukiewicz. This one was not a tat along. I loved doing Arleta so much I went and looked up her other patterns on Etsy and spent my lunch money! Thread is Yarnplayer's "Stardate" 40 and Lizbeth 40 Ocean Teal Medium (664)

Shuttle blog starting soon

Hi Everyone, Just letting you know that instead of adding a page here that I cannot add to for shuttles, I will be starting a new blog called The Shuttle In My Pocket very soon. In collating mode for all the pics and will add details to the posts as I can find them for each shuttle. Comments will be gratefully accepted, especially if you have details of a shuttle where I don't! Watch this space for new as we get set up.

To 'Monster' or not.....

This is as far as I will probably get with my Jan Stawasz 'Monster' and even then it wasn't I started this pattern from his book, Tatting: Theory and Patterns, a few years ago (Crikey....just looked it up...2009!!). The centre is the same as what became known as the 'monster' doily. I got bored with it after completing all those horrid motifs and put it away. Sadly it won't become the 'monster' because I do not have enough Venus 70 in those colours to complete it. I might just finish the one in the book......... But ergh......all those motifs! maybe.... one day..... if I don't get distracted...... Ohhh look! Laura Bziukiewicz just put another doily pattern up on Etsy!............... pattern.......