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8, 9 and 10...

I hate it when I make something then lose the pattern...grrrrrrrrrr. Found many things lately that I had forgotten about but still cannot find the ones I want! Here are some more bookmarks and a lesson deserved and learned LOL.. But then again it DID give me an this space (not too intensely - it could take a while!) Bookmark 8 Ok so you're saying - Again with Julie Patterson stuff?....muahhhhaaaahhaahhhaahhhaaa (really need to practice that evil laugh) - can't help it - just LOVE these patterns. Have done this one in so many different color combos. Always comes out nicely. The pattern is called Wishbones from her book Just Marking Tome and the thread is Lizbeth 20 color: Springtime. Bookmark 9 This is mine. Easter Daisy. The pattern I lost and only just found again. Can't find the original tatting either so had forgotten all about it until I found the pattern the other day. Wasn't in my tatting diary or anything so not sure why that slipped through. I'

Bookmarks 4-7.....

Yeah ok so it has been cold and wet and I have been on night shifts again!!! Luckily bookmarks are just perfect for these conditions so got a few done this week. Look out tatting...I'm back...... Bookmark 4 Pattern is Heart2Heart by Julie Patterson. From her book Just Marking Tome. Thread is Lizbeth Caribbean size 20. Bookmark 5 Pattern was found online - an adaptation of an old Anna edging I have been told. Pattern by Jane McLellan. LOVELY pattern to do and good practice in split rings Thread is Lizbeth Mountain Breeze size 40 Bookmark 6 The one ranks right up there with Mary Konior's Black Magic in my book!! It is called Eye Spy by Julie Patterson from Just Marking Tome. Thread is Lizbeth Bright Turquoise size 40. Bookmark 7 Pattern is Clover Bookmark by Kelly Luljak Found online here: Thread is Lizbeth Spring Garden size 40.