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Danish Tatting Guild

Hi All. There have been a lot of questions about the patterns I have done from the Danish Tatting Guild (Dansk Orkisforening). I have been a member for a few years now and receive their newsletter regularly. As the patterns in this publication are subject to copyright I am not prepared to send copies of these to anyone without the permission of the designers....sorry about that.....but I know how much work goes into those designs and I strongly believe that this integrity must be maintained. Dantatter has kindly put up all of the information regarding this Guild - in English - on her blog for those of you who are interested in making enquiries. See: AND while you are there take a look around at some of the wonderful tatting she has on show !! (Dantatter is my tatting guru and a lot of the reason I am still tatting today! - thanks Mate)

Ta da!!

Finally finished the doily. I have to consider this a humbling pattern. One I kinda wish I hadn't used good HDT on for a first try. It looks ok(ish) but some of the joins were hard to work out and I have had to use up a lot of my precious thread correcting things. But hey - it is a learning experience....every new challenge a reason to get excited. Might sit a bit better once I block it tomorrow. Regardless it is still an awesome pattern by an awesome designer!!!!! Thanks Lene for the beautiful pattern and thanks Susanne for the thread. Now onto the next motif!!!!! The details of pattern and thread are already shown below the centre piece pic shown in the last post "Motif 8??"

Motif 8??

This one might not count cos it is not strictly a stand alone motif. But it was so cute I just had to see if it would slip on in there!!! This is the centre of the larger project I have just started. MOTIF 8 The pattern was designed by Lene Bjorn and was found in Orkis Bladet - the magazine of the Danish Tatting Association (Dansk Orkisforening). However there is some controversy surrounding this one. It is also in Lyn Morton's book Tatting Patterns......either way it is a lovely motif! The thread is Garden Afternoon by Yarnplayer. Size 20. Given to me by my best mate Dantatter.

Motif 7

ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH........this is WAY too addictive.... I just HAD to do the last pattern that I had printed out. It was just sitting there all lonely and about to cry, wondering why it had been left out when all the other patterns had been done...... So here it is - happy to be included. (anthropomorphizing that part of the tatting sickness??? Time to stop motifs for a while I think) I adore this pattern. The way it twists and turns and makes you think. Can be a bit tricky but always a lovely result. MOTIF 7 Hearts Desire pattern designed by Susan Fuller. Springtime (115) Lizbeth 40

Motif 6

OK last one for a while. Weather has cooled down a bit so I can resume my larger project....yeah!!!! MOTIF 6 Design by Iris Niebach from her website Thread is Venus 40

Motif 5

Another quiet day....another motif......... This one is again from the Frauberger book. Not so rapt in the thread though.....good news is that was the last of it!!! Why is that good news???? Cos it gives me an excuse to buy some more Lizbeth!!!!!!!!! MOTIF 5 Altin Basak 50. Olive green

Motif 4

This motif is from my all time favourite book. Schiffchenspitze by Tina Frauberger (the 1921 book). There is hardly a pattern in that book that I do not want to do. You have to work to read the patterns - but once you decipher the notation the patterns are well worth the effort. MOTIF 4 The thread is Lizbeth 115 - Springtime - size 40. Both the Frauberger books (1917 and 1921) have been put into one volume by Christel Wutzmer and Agnes Focke and can be found here. at the bottom of that page. It was expensive (about 53.45 Euro to Australia - approx $83 AUD) but in my mind it was well worth it. The book is hard cover, beautifully bound and comes with a basic translation page of the symbols used in the pattern notation (in German). This is a bit of a let down - at that price an English translation of the symbols would have been handy. Don't let that put you off - the book is FANTASTIC!!! More motifs from it to come I can assu

Motif 3

OK this time I WILL get the name right!!! I did the two from the Konior book on the same day. Just put the wrong pic up!!! Ah well..... This one is DEFINITELY "Masquerade" designed by Mary Konior and found in Tatting With Visual Patterns. Again the thread is Manuela 204. Size 20. I wanted to do a larger mat in this thread but am still tossing up which pattern I will use. Might just end up a jumble of a lot of different motifs if I don't decide soon ! !!!

Motif 2

Who says night shift is boring????? Here is the second motif for the challenge. Hot off the shuttle!! MOTIF 2 "Have Motive Will Create" Pattern designed by Chrisi Thomas-Pike. Found in the Tatters Guild of Australia (New South Wales Branch) newsletter. May 2008. Thread is Altin Basak 50.

25 motif challenge....

I was asked by a friend to complete the 25 motif challenge with her this year. I have not really felt I had the time to try this before. But as this is a new year and I am up for a bit of a challenge and a bit of fun tatting this year I guess it fits right in there!! MOTIF 1 So here is my first: Patchwork. Designed by Mary Konior. Found in the book: Tatting With Visual Patterns. Thread is Manuela 204, size 20.