The amazing trip - Tat Day at Ginny's. Port Byron, NY

Started the day with Ginny, Deana, Vicki and myself.
A slightly overcast day, not too hot, not too cold. Perfect for tatting.

Within a couple of hours we had a table full of tatters, chatting and laughing and generally having a great time.

Karey Solomon brought some of her threads to look at and purchase. I was given a great little bag with some of her Tatting Times and some thread and a Finger Lakes 20th Anniversary mug (now proudly on my desk!)

Kathy Berndt showed us a couple of the impressive shawls she has made.
Particularly fond of the Konior Windmills one.....could have easily found its way back to Australia!

It was great to catch up with her again after being at the Tat Days in Toccoa.

Yes Kathy....that one!! If it ever finds itself in need of a good home.......

Dani Rotach and I found that we lean to the Whovian side...

Her bag, my shuttle.

Ginny and her parents, Paul and Bunny set up the tables and started unloading the food for the lunch!

Oh my.......such a selection of foods and it was ALL good!! Thank you tatting friends who all contributed to the spread!

By the time we all had something to eat, it was nap time for some of the household. Paul was well guarded by his faithful watchdog, Suzie.

While some of us migrated to the porch to make the most of the sunshine in the afternoon.

After a while EVERYONE was out there and the tatting and chatting continued well into the late afternoon.

What an fantastic tat day! It was so nice to meet up with some I knew already and a lot I had never met in person before. Thank you all for making it such a special day!


  1. Wow, a mini tat day. I'm jealous although we had one in America too!!! LOVE Karey's threads. So subtle. What a great gang of tatty friends.

    1. They certainly are Jane. I had a ball the whole time I was over there. Can hardly wait to get back!


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