The amazing trip Niagara Falls

On Thursday, Ginny, Bunny, Ginny's sister Karen and I went to Niagara Falls.
This has to be one of THE most spectacular things I have ever seen!!
I will always be so grateful to these ladies for taking me there!

It was overcast and a bit drizzly, but still incredibly beautiful.

At first all you see is a lovely park setting and you can hear rushing water...

You walk a bit further down the path, your steps quickening without you realising it as you see the edge of the world..... the sound becomes a booming roar....

NOTHING prepares you for the sheer volume of water going over the edge!

Completely awestruck and loving every moment. Ginny then suggested we go on the Maid of the Mist which takes you to the bottom of the falls and into the horseshoe.

Karen, Bunny and Ginny. Ready to board.

Sure, you get wet......but who cares!!!

A few "one more shot" pics and then we were off home. TRULY amazing day!

Best viewed in full screen!


  1. I was taken to the Falls a few years ago on the Canadian side and it blew my mind away too. Didn't do the 'Maid' but did go behind the Falls in the tunnels. They offered to take me the next time too but I didn't want to spoil the impact of that first visit. I know exactly how you felt.

  2. Oh, thank you for sharing. I was privileged to see Niagara Falls in the '90s and this brought back wonderful memories.

  3. Fantastic photos and incredible video full screen! WOW! I've been there a few times and it IS awe-inspiring, but with the older cameras and even movie film we could never capture the splendor and just had to try to recall the experience! But with your video I feel as though I am really there! Fabulous!


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