The amazing trip - Watkins Glen, NY

After the excitement of Niagara Falls, Karen decided to take Deana McKenzie and myself to Watkins Glen. Ginny stayed home to wait for Vicki Clarke to arrive for our tatters weekend.
Off we went and travelled alongside the beautiful Seneca Lake.

A much more sedate day. It was perfect weather to explore and the views did not disappoint!

While maybe not as awe-inspiring as Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen is an amazing place with a unique geology. This falls in full flow would be spectacular in its own right!!

It has unique stone bridges. 

LOTS of steps...

some amazing rock formations

and you get to walk behind the falls!!

Karen sporting the windcheater version she bought for herself and I when we got there. Was a tad chilly!

See....behind the falls!!

Rather than walk to the top of the falls, we opted to drive to the park at the top and go for a bit of a walk. Simply beautiful! Quiet and so pretty.


Then it was off home to meet Vicki (Victats) Clarke and the start of our amazing tatting weekend at Ginny's!


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