Motif 15.

Sometimes you look at a pattern and say...yeah...THAT one. So you trawl for the pattern, get your head around it and off you go. Job done. And other times you wish you had stopped when you thought it looked good...cos really more ain't always better!!

I was looking through Cas Arthur's website this week as I reloaded all my bookmarks and had a "I GOTTA TAT THIS" moment when I saw her background. (and Cas knows I pinch ideas from her ALL the time LOL) - if you have not had a look - go see Castats website -

PLENTY there to drool over. You will see why I want to tat like Cas!!!!!

I finally found where the pattern was and set about tatting it. First try was with a rather loud variegated which really did not show the pattern. So I toned it down a bit and grabbed some more appropriate olive green Perfect Quilter "Olivia" and off I went.

The pattern is from Tatting a Potpourri of Patterns from Handy Hands. Round Medallion No.150 and it is on pages 60 - 62.
Here is the finished product: MOTIF 15

A nice enough Victorian type pattern and ok for my 15 motif. And really nothing wrong with the design. But I was a little disappointed in the overall look.


Take away the edging and this is what you have:

MUCH more dramatic and to be honest I am wishing I stopped there. I go with some slightly larger black thread and the pattern lodged in my head to do motif 16.........see ya!


  1. Ooh! I love this motif! You're right... it's much more dramatic without the edging. Wouldn't it be lovely added to a jacket, sort of a permanent brooch?

  2. Liyarra, I LOVE the look of this - both versions. I was so intrigued that I went to Cas's site, as you recommended.... It is now ONE hour and a download later and I still have to shower and get out of here! Your blog is downright dangerous!
    ♥ Fox : )

  3. LOL, Cas have a great site and she is also such a nice person - I have met her twice, roflol.
    Motif looks great, with or without the last round. Mine is still a work in progress.
    But it is a pity I can not see that countdown, lol. Well something incredible nice is awaiting me anyhow = your visit here.

  4. I guess it's perspective and what you're looking for. I love the top one, the lighter edging helps make the center stand out - a sort of balance but there could be uses for which the original would be the better choice.

  5. I like the top one, too! They're both cool looking, though!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  6. I liked the motif well enough... till I saw it without the edging. It is rather striking that way. Maybe a more dramatic change in color between the center and last round would help bring out what we like best. :)


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