A special brag.....................

...................about a special book!!!!!

My good friend Ginny Weathers has been working her butt off this last year creating some really spectacular glass ball ornaments. They have won shows and always come up really well. So she decided to put them together in a book.

working..thinking..tatting..resting..working..thinking..tatting -no time much to chat .. and so it went UNTIL

it has finally all come together for her and she has published her FIRST book!!!! (Yeay Ginny!!)

Now Ginny's dedication to tatting is something I have witnessed first hand. She stayed with us in 2006 and every morning you could find her up with the earliest of birds wandering around the farm with tatting in hand!!

She has done some incredibly (mind bogglingly) large doilies that she then donated to the nursing home where she works and I would suspect that her tatting is never far from her hands wherever she goes.

So it is nice to be able to brag about her book. (And I will cos I love it!)

12 Ornaments of Christmas.

There are various shapes and sizes to fit different glass ornaments. The patterns are well written and beautifully diagrammed. There are also very clear photos of each item. I won't post a page here for copyright reasons but it is VERY VERY well set out and presented. The pages are clear and uncluttered and it is very easy to see where you are in the large scaled diagrams. Book has plastic protector covers and is comb bound. Each pattern is skill rated (from basic to challenging) so there is something for everyone.

You can find out more or order through Ginny. love2tat@hotmail.com

A very nice start to your publishing career Ginny. Look forward to what you come up with next!!

Very proud of you girl!!!!!


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