Motif 12 - aka - Tat'n'chat time is back....YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Happy happy Easter...what a wonderful week.

Dantatter and I finally got time off at the same time to resume our tat and chat sessions. Felt like YEARS since we had a chance to do one.

So..... off we went. After the usual "um what will we do?" session and the mad dash around the computers trying to find something (ok so we aren't organised.....) and the ums and arrhs of which one - finally we picked a pattern that NEITHER of us have ANY idea of its origin. It was found online - I have no idea whose pattern it is but if someone would like to let me know I will credit it accordingly. (But to the unknown designer - thanks anyway).

So here they are - the first chat and tat for 2010.

Susanne's version - Aida 20 thread


My version - Bre-Aly HDT "Dream" size 30. From a Russian site.

These tat and chat sessions have been going for nearly 6 years (chatting as our little International Chat Tatters Group) and 4 years of Dantatter and I going off on our own little branch to play and I wouldn't miss them for anything. It is a chance to tat and be together without thinking about the fact that we are on opposite sides of the world. We chose a pattern, gather our "supplies", our tea/coffee/chocolate etc and sit for a couple of hours and spend the time as though we are in the same room. We scan our progress from time to time and show each other or we can scan something that is not working and discuss ways around it. LOVE IT. We sometimes don't chat much for some time cos we both know we are busy tatting but that makes it even more like being in the same place. Comfortable silence with a good friend. Nothing like it....until I get to Denmark in September!!!!

Thanks Susanne - as usual it was wonderful.


  1. How wonderful! The doilies are very pretty =)

  2. So THAT'S what you were both doing when I logged on about midnight the other night! - very nice motif, I like them both.

  3. yes that is a very pretty motif.

  4. Wow - six years! That is pretty impressive, as are the motifs. Nice tatting both.
    Fox : )

  5. Oh, your tat-n-chats sound so grand! I bet the time flies by! And your doilies are lovely. Please do share with us if you discover the designer's identity for this pretty motif.

    Have you asked Georgia Seitz? Perhaps she has seen it or even featured it in her online tatting class?

  6. AHHHH!!!!!!!! It is from a Russian book!!!!


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