Motif 8??

This one might not count cos it is not strictly a stand alone motif. But it was so cute I just had to see if it would slip on in there!!! This is the centre of the larger project I have just started.


The pattern was designed by Lene Bjorn and was found in Orkis Bladet - the magazine of the Danish Tatting Association (Dansk Orkisforening). However there is some controversy surrounding this one. It is also in Lyn Morton's book Tatting Patterns......either way it is a lovely motif!

The thread is Garden Afternoon by Yarnplayer. Size 20. Given to me by my best mate Dantatter.


  1. What a pretty motif and the colours are really lovely. It all goes together really well!!!!

  2. This one definitely counts as a motif! I love the way the colors flow!

  3. This motif is bee-YOO-ti-ful! Is there any way you can share the pattern? Or point us to a source to purchase the magazine?

    Can't wait to see the larger project.

  4. Love that thread color and it's beautiful in this motif too!

  5. Somehow I've missed your site. All of your motifs are gorgeous! One nice thing about tatting is how you can take a single element or section of a larger piece and make it a beautiful, stand-alone piece.

  6. I am so BEDAZZLED by your motifs that I'm kind of speechless! It's like looking into a treasure chest and being shown one fabulous 'bauble' after another!

    Your thread choices are so perfect for each motif! The threads today are so exciting, and those which are hand-dyed by tatters are very special. I believe Marilee was one of the first to venture into this area. And even with commercial threads you have an eye for combinations of colors, as you did with Marilee's "Arches" pattern.

    This motif is so perfect for a Valentine gift! Your pattern library is amazing! How wonderful that the internet enables us to share ideas from around the world.

    Please DO count this as a Motif! I know the 'larger' project will be gorgeous, and you can count that, too!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I was delighted to hear from you and appreciated your kind comments!

  7. The source of the pattern is listed under the picture.
    Thanks for your wonderful comments.

  8. I love this motif. It is fabulous. Happy Tatting!

  9. This is very eye-catching! Very pretty! And the Yarnplayer's thread really works for this pattern. Beautiful job.

  10. Very pretty! I'm so glad to see all your beautiful tatted motifs! I am also so glad you started a blog and shared it with me. Tatland is a more lovely place because of it! Tatland already was very pretty, but it's even more beautiful with your lovely tatting on display! :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  11. I see tha source of the pattern, but any ideas of how to get it. Is it available on the internet? Thanks

  12. Sorry - the only details I have for this pattern are the ones I have provided under the picture. To my knowledge it is not available online.

  13. You MUST count this as Motif 8! The thread and the pattern are absolutely made for each other! Also, your tatting just knocks me out. Such perfect stitches! I know you do right-side tatting, but I'm wondering if you use a special technique when doing a ring following a chain. I usually have a small gap there, no matter how I try to avoid it. I'll be looking forward to seeing the 'larger' project!

  14. Hi Kathy. Other than making sure my chains are pulled up firm and making the first stitch right up hard against the chain - nothing "special". If I am doing clovers I always do a second half (not counted though) before commencing the second and third rings...
    Your tatting on your blog looks great.

  15. Love that thread....Droool..... =)
    Happy Oz day amongst other things!
    See you in Feb?
    Cas. =)

  16. OOh, I love this more and more each time I come to look at it. (Several times so far...)

    FYI--I sent off an email to the web site for Dansk Orkisforening and have heard nothing back. Wondering if I need someone to translate my inquiry. Next step is to post a note to the group lists asking for a Danish tatter to help me with the language barrier.

    Hope I have some success and can secure a copy of the pattern! Thank you (milles fois!) Liyarra for sharing your lovely, lovely tatting.

  17. If you are really desperate - Lyn Morton's pattern that is nearly the same can be found here free online.....

  18. Hi, Liyarra,
    Thank you! If you read tat-ology, the post today displays this motif that I tatted from the Lyn Morton pattern, changing the centre to look like yours.

    I love this motif and have been working on it for days! Why such a challenge?

    Because, for some reason, it is a watershed in my tatting career. I have re-evaluated my technique after visiting this page and examining your stitches.

    I also have my friend Suneeti's motif in hand so I can see the real thing.

    Love your blog. Keeps me inspired and on my toes.
    Fox : )

  19. Where can I find this pattern?

    1. Hi Joy. The details of the pattern are at the bottom of the post.
      This one was the centre of a doily I did from the Danish Tatting Association magazine but I have been told a similar pattern called Hearts and Flowers can be found in Lyn Morton's book (Tatting Patterns)


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