Tatting trip of a lifetime.

Well I finally did it!
I booked a trip to the USA to attend the Palmetto Tat Days in Toccoa, Georgia in September! A birthday present to myself.

Fueled by encouragement from Jane Eborall and Lisa Greenlee-Adams and wanting to catch up again with Ginny Weathers in Port Byron, I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and booked my tickets, registered and started planning for real instead of daydreaming!

So watch out USA, the Aussie addict is heading your way. Lucky I have a large suitcase!!


  1. I’m SOOOOOO looking forward to meeting you at long last. How many years have we been talking to each other? You’ll LOVE Lisa and Palmetto - you already know Ginny (she’s adorable too) so that’ll be good too. Roll on September.

  2. Congrats you will have an awesome time!!!!

  3. I really hope I can work it out to drive down and meet you! I'm sure it will be an exciting trip!

  4. I know you will enjoy it. I've come to think of Tat Days as "tatting boot camp". I never get enough rest and I'm tatting all the time. :-)
    Linda R

    1. It is a bit of a boot camp isn't it? Though maybe not so tough. It certainly was hectic and I really wish it had been longer. I think next time I go I might make it the last thing I do before heading home. My head was still spinning from the trip across and the drive from Indianapolis when I got there. I missed a lot of fun because I was so tired.


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