Beware The Knotted Vine....

I have decided that Middy Clark is dangerous to my bank balance.....
She keeps coming up with fantastic little shuttles I really love to use!!

I adore her Dragon Dog and Phoenix metal shuttles because the feel so nice and balanced to work with and fit my hand nicely.

THEN... she comes out with these divine little garden shuttles! AND not just one...6 different colors. My addiction will never be overcome!

Middy's shop in Etsy is called TheKnottedVine. Worth keeping an eye on what she puts up for sale. These ones are not always available.

Just a note here too. The shuttles I show on my page and in Tatting Shuttle Addicts on facebook are all purchases. The are not freebies or giveaways.

My opinions are that of a customer and nothing more.


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