Oops....been a bit of a while!!

Just looked at my blog and cringed at the fact that the last entry was in 2015.....

So much for keeping up to date with logging my tatting!

Been a hectic year and not a lot of tatting but I will try to catch it all up over the next couple of weeks. Our dairy farmers here in Victoria had their milk price dropped unexpectedly and needed some support so I have been spending most of my time helping with food packages and assisting with applications to get the household allowances and other support. A big year and sadly still ongoing at the moment.

Moved into my own house (yeay!!) in Mooroopna in February and still unpacking and sorting things out. BUT..... do have a lovely little tatting nook, a lovely glider rocker (which is Sheridan Femia's fault because she introduced me to her one way back in 2006 and I haven't forgotten it!!), a nice warm fireplace for the coming winter and lots of natural light. No excuses now eh??

Today I have a bit of time to look again at some books.

These are from Terachi Yuuko and are available at http://aphyu-tatting.ocnk.net/

If you haven't had a chance to go and look there yet, make it a priority!! The shuttles are amazing, the books are reasonably priced and the service is quick and very pleasant!

(the first 2 were samples so the number on them isn't correct but they are Vol 1 and Vol 2)

All the patterns are diagrammed, photographed and explained in English and Japanese. Easy to follow but not really something for beginners unless you are adventurous. Lovely all the same though!


  1. It's good to see a post from you again! I have the same books, but I haven't tried anything yet. I bet you'll beat me to it!

  2. Good to see you are still here!
    I am jealous of your tatting area!!! I love lots of windows!!!
    Can't wait to see all the wonderful things you tat from your new books!!! :)


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