Time for something BIG!!

I have decided to kick off the year with a bigger project than I would normally attempt......all good intentions for the New Year and all that rot.

I have had this one in my 'to do' list for several years now so it is time to get into it. I think what has put me off it is the large rounds surrounding the motifs. I can never seem to get the tension right.

The pattern is from a Coats leaflet (No. 684 for those wanting to play along) and the thread I am using is plain old boring (but reliable) DMC Cordonnet Special Ecru in size 80. Mainly because I am too lazy to bother sorting out which colors to use. I just want to relax and tat.

A cold spell in our usually sweltering Aussie summer has given me the perfect kick off point!

And so it begins..........

Tonight I started. Feeling really good about it. Flying start it was too. Just the right amount of thread on the shuttle and a nice hot cup of tea sitting there waiting..... Ben at work so there was no distractions (nice distraction he is and all...) and off it went! Until......

Didn't even get past the second ring before I started joining in the wrong spot!!!

Yeah , well...I will have another go at it on Friday. (Ben's birthday tomorrow)

6.2.2020    yep.... still not re-started......that is all.....


  1. It looks a nice project, and I am sure you will do more on Friday, I look forward to seeing your progress

  2. That doily is going to be so gorgeous!!! :)
    I can relate to the joining in the wrong place right off at the start!!! :)

  3. Don't let that silly mistake at the start through you off :) I do it all the time:) This looks great and am working on one myself!

  4. Oh my goodness, how many times have I been there too?

    Thanks for the giggle, the doily will be gorgeous!

  5. Happy Be-Day to Ben! And congrats getting going on a lovely huge pattern. Makes me smile! : )

  6. I don't have that pattern, but it looks like a fun tat! Happy birthday to Ben!

  7. Doh! Hopefully this is the first and last mistake for this doily :). It will be gorgeous once finished and I look forward to seeing progress and finished pics :).

  8. Happy Birthday Ben.
    The design looks so dense (as in full). You may be needing a lot of the size 80 balls.
    I made a mistake in my latest project and I realised it only when I wanted to join the 2nd round to it. Luckily, that first round (which is a round motif) can stand on its own. So I let it be and started anew,


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