Stawasz show potential let down by Lizbeth

Frustrated and mildy pissed off at the moment.
I picked a pattern by Jan Stawasz to do a show entry this year and have really been looking forward to tatting something special again.

Got to here:

Not too bad. One join in the thread so far but luckily I was able to swap shuttles and finish last 3 ring/chains without hitting it.

Got this far.......

Reasonably happy but a bit annoyed. A few slubs in the thread that I managed to smooth out or bypass before reloading shuttles. Wasted quite a lot of thread in the process and disappointed in the uneven texture of the thread. Starting to regret my decision to do it in Lizbeth 20.


Well let's just say that I might be off to Hector next year on the contents of the swear jar! Fox you would have been proud of me!

3 knots - 3 pain in the arse stupid messy badly timed and really really annoying knots in the thread. Seriously Handy Hands - how about some quality control for the price of this thread eh?

So now I have joins in the work and it is so not going into the show this year.

On top of all that - with what I wasted in the previous rows and what I had to cut out here so that the joins were not all on top of each other..... there is NOT enough thread left to finish the final row. I have enough for perhaps 2/3 of it where I should have had enough to be done with it.

So project has been shelved. I am over it. Sorry Mr Stawasz - your patterns are beautiful and so lovely to do. Next time I will honour them by using a decent thread.


  1. Frustrating - but it's still worth finishing even if you don't enter it into the Show this time. When you find the perfect thread, let me know what it is!

  2. F%**#%......!!!!!!! I hear your pain! HH should be bound and gagged and dumped in a yarn factory far away for their horrid thread quality control, of which there is NONE!

  3. Öh what a pity because seen from here it looks very pretty - as your work always do.

  4. beautiful doily! a shame about the thread. hope you do finish it sometime?

  5. This is so beautiful ! Pity you won't be able to send this piece to the show. But I'm sure we'd all love to see it finished, even if you use another color for the last round. Wishing you a pile of Good thread so that we can watch your beautiful tatting at work :-)

  6. Your tatting is beautiful. Unfortunately, I know exactly what you mean about the knots, slubs, rough places, and uneven thickness of Lizbeth thread. There seems to be no quality control. Poor quality thread shows in the finished tatting, and it a waste of money (and thread) when you have to cut entire rows of tatting off because of all the knots.

  7. Ooo Bummer. I really Like Lizbeth thread too. You should write Lizbeth and let them know about this (I don't thin Handy hands has much control the these thread manufacturers). Does having joins detract from the piece? Or using another color thread? I have never entered or been to an event where they have judged tatting. Or is this a personal preference of yours, a sort of bar you try to achieve? It is lovely and prior to tatting myself I never would have thought about how many joins in a piece.

    1. If the judges really look hard it looks like I have made a lot of errors and cut them out. Not ideal for a show piece. Having to join in a new ball etc I would think they would be accepting of but there are three major joins in the outer section.

  8. Very frustrating. I am starting to make more bigger projects, and the problem solving around knots and bumps (I do like the word 'slubs') is starting to be annoying....perhaps this is a reason to use multiple colours in large pieces?

  9. Was this on older ball of thread? I wish they did not sell that crapy stuff they claimed they would replace it, but who will remake that doily for you ha ha! It is very beautiful inspite of it all! nice work!


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