Tatting Shuttle Addicts.....

After a discussion with a friend I decided to start a Facebook page for Tatting Shuttle collectors and enthusiasts called Tatting Shuttle Addicts.

I was hoping to give people a place to show off their shuttles and make contacts to maybe obtain shuttles from places they have had problems sourcing from. So far it has taken off and seems to be rocking along nicely!!!

One of the ladies who is a member of the page is a shuttlemaker who has a couple of pretty unique designs and has recently organised some equipment that will allow her to engrave shuttles as well. So I thought I would introduce you to her here...

Her name is Monica Ohana Braxton and here is the information she sent me. So if you want a "different" shuttle how about supporting a small business owner and possibly a pioneer in tatting shuttle design?

Hi Jenni,

Here is some information about the shuttles my husband and I make.

My husband and I hand make all of our shuttles. We use small power tools and hand tools only. All shuttles are unique because there is no template used.

We hand select all of the wood we use from a shop that is local and deals in exotic wood.

The Arrowhead shuttle is a unique design that my husband came up with while watching me try to design a tatting pattern on my drawing program. He made 6 prototypes before he finally landed on his design. It holds a ton of thread and is really easy to wind. It fits nicely in your hand. He has obtained a copy write on his design and is in the process of obtaining a design patent.

My shuttle design was an absolute accident. I was trying to mimic a design I saw online and it just wasn't working out for me. I started tinkering with the design and came up with my shuttle design. It holds a lot of thread and many beads. I have yet to assign a name to my design.
We treat each shuttle with non-toxic linseed oil and then, if desired, we will lacquer them.

Some of the wood options we have are:
Purple Heart
Leopard wood
Lace wood
Quilted Maple

We make most of our shuttles to order and will soon be able to engrave them with names and images. We will also sign each shuttle if requested.
We have some premade shuttles in our Etsy store - NAGStudio. You can email me at nags3153@gmail.com if you have any questions or requests.

Monica Braxton
Owner NAGStudio.



  1. As you know, I don't "do" Facebook; but I have the beginnings of a rather nice Ladybird collection - must try to put up a picture to show you one of these days.

    1. Happy to post a pic here for you if you want to email me one Maureen.

  2. I own one of those shuttles, and it is very nice! I'm waiting to see what designs they come up with next!

  3. Thanks for posting my shuttles Jenni.

    I can't wait to get my engraving machine so I can play and make beautiful designs on the shuttles. It will open up a door that was unfortunately closed when another shuttle maker closed shop.

    Happy Tatting to all

  4. Monica...I can't want for you to get your machine.....I can see a couple of new shuttles in the collection very very soon... Can't wait to see what you come up with.


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