There I was, tatting along merrily with my new shuttles Fox sent me, when........

Curly Maple spat the dummy and decided to crack up......literally...

Luckily David Reed Smith is a top bloke. I sent him an email to see if it could be repaired...."no" he replied "but from the photos you sent it looks like the wood I used for the post might have had a crack in it so I will make you a new one"....

Now he KNOWS Fox bought these, not me, and they were a gift....but he stands by his workmanship and reputation and you cannot ask for better than that!!! No way he could have known the wood had a minute crack in it that would split further under use.

So now I have the replacement on the way plus 2 more I ordered on the spot......Fox what have you done to me???? LOL

Couple of repeats to go on the doily and I am done. Then onto Jon's pattern, then Ginny's.....then........

oh yeay....back into it!!!


  1. Fox uses those half-shuttles with the hook as unpickers - you can recycle the broken bit!

  2. So sorry your shuttle broke. At least your thread was retrievable. All of David's work looks good, I am glad to hear he is such a good guy.

  3. You are so right David is a very nice man and his shuttles are the best, I have a small one specially made for a friend who sent it to me, just right for my small hands and a joy to work with
    Love and Hugs


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