A Weekend in Paradise......

Ben and I took off for the long weekend to Queenscliff at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay in Victoria. Ben booked beautiful accommodation at the Queenscliff Inn on the spur of the moment and it turned out to be one of the nicest places we have stayed.

It is decorated in true Victorian style and included a wonderful drawing room that really just screamed to be tatted in....

So that is EXACTLY what happened on our second night (there was a Murder Mystery night in there on the first night we stayed!)

Ben sat there editing his photos for the day and I sat there and tatted....

The fire glowed gently, we indulged in a small glass of very nice port, chatted and spent a TV-less night of wonderful companionship.

Relaxing and romantic and very very much what we both were needing. Another perfect spontaneous Ben and Jen trip!


  1. Cosy and romantic indeed - just gorgeous, but I would have needed my Ott-Lite to see!

  2. Me too! But looks like a great place. : )

  3. Well now you know why all the old Victorian tatting was uneven at times.....blame either the lighting or the port!!

  4. Sadly this place was turned into a hipsters retreat/bar/hangout in 2018 and no longer has that charming room.


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