Sneak Peek....

I was chatting with Jane Eborall about how to design animals as I wanted to make a koala to possibly try and help raise funds for our bushfire affected wildlife here in Australia.

Well as usual Jane was well ahead of me and asked if I would like to proof her new koala pattern!!

Hmmmm...would I? You bet I would.

So Sunday night was dedicated to not only proofing Jane's pattern, but learning techniques I had never done before! Folded ring and double double stitch. Plus adding a bead to the centre of a ring which I have done but had forgotten how to do....duh!

Don't be put off....they were pretty easy once you got the hang of them! Plus Jane has her great technique 'how to' pages on her site.

Koala took me about 1.5 hrs but that included learning the techniques I was clueless about.

He is gorgeous!

Thanks Jane and BC3. Luv ya xx

Thread is size 40 Gunmetal grey and black by AlenAleaDesign


  1. He looks like a sweety great job🦋🐨🦋

  2. Actually I think your koala has a really cheeky look on his/her face!!! Thank you SO much for picking up on the missing bits on the diagrams and mostly for being there at just the right time!!! Here’s hoping lots of money is raised for your wildlife.

  3. Thank you very much , Lyarra! I am door sorry for the Loss of human and animal lives in your Beautiful country.


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