Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The gradual slide into Addiction.......Shuttle addiction that is.....





And I think some are still hiding.........

Monday, January 19, 2015

The things you do around midnight.....

I have to put this somewhere other than the Facebook was just wayyyy too funny to lose.

Angela Van de Kimmenade posted a picture on the Facebook page Tatting Shuttle Addicts of a shuttle Graham Eckett made for his lovely wife Diana. Diana passed away several years ago and her shuttle collection went into Angela's very capable and loving care (thank goodness)

Anyway the shuttle is  based on a Klingon Bat'leth and is a definite one of a kind.

Of course this started a whole discussion about Klingons tatting and Lisa Greenlee Adams  commenting "Worf, the ultimate tatter" you do when you really should be getting to bed early because you have to be up early the next day but can't resist a chance to be silly.............Ben and I started having some fun. Me in a very minor way using Paint (because I can't use Photoshop!!) 

And Ben's brilliant Photoshop work that followed!!!!!!

We consequently went to bed well after midnight and nearly slept in on Monday morning!!!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's going to be a LONG project!

Oh dear what have I done???

5 hours into this and already seems like a lifetime!

At least there have been no other bits cut off yet and my calculation for amount of thread for each motif is working pretty darn well.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Time for something BIG!!

I have decided to kick off the year with a bigger project than I would normally attempt......all good intentions for the New Year and all that rot.

I have had this one in my 'to do' list for several years now so it is time to get into it. I think what has put me off it is the large rounds surrounding the motifs. I can never seem to get the tension right.

The pattern is from a Coats leaflet (No. 684 for those wanting to play along) and the thread I am using is plain old boring (but reliable) DMC Cordonnet Special Ecru in size 80. Mainly because I am too lazy to bother sorting out which colors to use. I just want to relax and tat.

A cold spell in our usually sweltering Aussie summer has given me the perfect kick off point!

And so it begins..........

Tonight I started. Feeling really good about it. Flying start it was too. Just the right amount of thread on the shuttle and a nice hot cup of tea sitting there waiting..... Ben at work so there was no distractions (nice distraction he is and all...) and off it went! Until......

Didn't even get past the second ring before I started joining in the wrong spot!!!

Yeah , well...I will have another go at it on Friday. (Ben's birthday tomorrow) 

Wayward Travellers Return.....

Not sure I posted this earlier but the wayward travellers finally found their way home. (read that as .........yes..... I mislaid them!)

I had put them into an old video box to take with me to Temora in November 2013 under the stupid premise that they were so small and precious I had better put them somewhere safe and I would not lose them in such a big container... LOL ...yeah right!!

Well when I got home it was all go go go moving from the farm and I just completely forgot what I put them in instead!!

The ebony GR-8 gave me so much cheek about being replaced and how it had to spend all that time in a box with a yellow "Pony" shuttle when it returned that I finally gave up on it and sold it to Roberta Lawson in Queensland. I hope it is behaving!!!

The Hinton Winder however is now under lock and key and only brought out under strict supervision where it and it's precious little winder can be monitored at all times!!!

Shuttle Haul 2014

Here is a few of the shuttles I managed to collect in 2014.....well the ones I will admit to anyway!

 Aero with and without pick. From eBay.

Queensland Tatters
I believe it is a shuttle by John Beswick in South Australia

 Leaf shuttle from Rosita*s on eBay

Need help with these ones anyone know what brand they are?

 Pop-A-Bobbin in Ebony from Sally Kerson in the UK
Sold only through Jane Eborall's Etsy site.

 Silent Tatter. So very very lucky to find one of these!!

 A bit of fun! One I made myself with two kids hairclips and a plastic bobbin....and it WORKS!!

 A Lael Morgan shuttle. Sadly didn't make it through the mail process.....from eBay in the UK

Top left: Teal Burl and red'blue stripe. Hot off the press in her first lot of shuttles
Top Right: Acrylic and wood
Bottom: Two I had Sandra make for me. Glow In The Dark acrylic!!

Slider Shuttles by Elite Creations (Sandra McKay Pellerin in Canada)

 Two Grizzly Mountain Arts shuttles. One for me and one for a gift. (well I DID have to have a second one for myself as a pair to the one I bought years ago!!)

Brass shuttle from Rosita*s on eBay

Chest is part of my birthday present from Ben

 Flower shuttles from Banyak (Coin Smal in Hungary)

Flowers are etched into the wood. He put hooks in for me as a favour. Now he will make them with hooks if asked!!

These 6 were in a lot I bought from eBay. Lovely smooth shuttles!

 Again I don't know the origins of these shuttles but would love to know if someone can help. Bought separately. One from eBay and in the same week from Etsy!

 Love this metal shuttle. I think it is a Hemline one but it just sits in my hand and sings when I use it!

 5 gorgeous LaCossette shuttles from Etsy. I adore these shuttles and can always find room for more!! LaCossette modifies the Aero shuttles. They hold tension so much better and are pretty. Nothing like a pretty shuttle to lighten your mood!


This shuttle was in a group of shuttles I bought from eBay. Again  no idea what brand or country of origin but the hook on it is huge!!
Dare not use this one because I know it will break if I try....

 Now this one HAS to be a bit rare! Another eBay purchase. The seller didn't know anything about it. Has a spike protruding from the front. Doesn't look like it was a hook the broke or anything. Doesn't retract.Anyone able to identify it? Not in any of the books I have.

 My gorgeous pink Sidewinder shuttles from Shawn Braxton!!!
A unique design and lovely feel in the hand.
His wife Monica also makes shuttles. Listed on my previous posts.

 Thumb Shuttles by River.
Purchased from OldeWaysCrafts on Etsy

Tiny little things!! Oddly though they are really nice to use with very find thread!

 After much controversy on Tatting Shuttle Addicts about whether this shuttle was sound (in the eBay photos the markings looked like crazing) I contacted a very beautiful seller who sent me some more photos and secured the sale!!! I love this shuttle. It is sturdy and pretty and very sleek to use without being slippery.
It is plastic with pearl-like plastic segments but very smooth.

Stainless steel shuttles from Pawel in Poland. Took a while to track this maker down but when I finally did he was most helpful.

This lot of shuttles were bought from eBay mainly for the clear one. About the same size as a Clover but perhaps a tiny bit bulkier. Love the feel of it.  Great thing about this win was that I was able to participate in a "Pay It Forward" deal by sending the Milward to Fiona T!!

The wonderful "Splinter"!!!!!!!
Made by Veronika Arkadjeva.
I wanted a small Celtic shuttle and she certainly managed it!

This little beauty is made of ebony and measures....
7mm wide x 5mm thick and 60 mm long.

Truly a feat of woodworking!!

More of my ever growing stash of Veronika Arkadjeva shuttles!
She sells on eBay and Etsy.

Then I got these from Veronika for Christmas. Lucky me!!!! And Ebony too!!!

 A vintage Semco shuttle. from eBay. A bit worn and rusty but a nice find.

 Lovely straight Greek Key design sterling silver shuttle. Webster hallmark. From eBay and way way (way) cheaper than it should have been!


 A shuttle from Cigdem Yerli  (LacyLife) on Etsy.

Her tatted jewelry has to be seen to be believed!!

 Mixed lot from eBay. Love the metal one it fits so neatly into my hand and has great tension.

 Above and every growing collection of Neil Keats shuttles. His ones far outweigh any of the non-hook shuttles available. They are a delight to work with and Neil is a wonderful gentleman who is also a delight to deal with!

I kept a couple of these for myself and gave the rest away as Christmas and birthday gifts.

Some Boye metal shuttles from eBay. I was quite interested to see the difference in the sizes.

Another eBay stash from the UK. I was really excited about the bobbin in the packet only to be very disappointed that it was actually just a plain black plastic post shuttle and the bobbin had just been put in there for safekeeping......oh well... At least ther were a couple of Milwards, a metal Aero and a plastic Aero to keep me happy....

This was an Etsy find from Even The Kitchen Sink.

In the same week as the one above I came across a pick version of the yellowy one. Again from Esty.

This is one of the new post shuttles from Sally Kerson. It is Applewood and really smooth.

A 'Gloria' brand shuttle from LoftyMixVintage on Etsy

Collection as at the end of 2014.....still missing a few that disappeared in the move...