Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Along the way this year there have been a few great shuttles collected in my travels.

Some spur of the moment and impulse buys....others carefully plotted! ( I will leave you to work out which is which.......)

Black "pumpkinseed" type - Grannys Thimble ETSY
Susan Bates metal bobbin shuttle - Grannys Thimble ETSY
                                                    Brass filigree heart - Beadinmama  - eBay
Brass shuttle - Rositas - eBay
Silver plated leaf shuttle - Rositas - eBay
Reflective Heart shuttle by Alma Negrete - Two Hearts ETSY
Upcycled Vinyl Record Tatting Shuttle - shadetreeart - ETSY
Engraved horn shuttle - Rositas - eBay
Red Clover with pick - furrybaby - ETSY
And a Lydia Pinkham......whether real or fake I don't care!!!
eBay - Banyek
eBay - but I can't remember who!!

All of the above are well behaved and currently residing in my specially marked tatting shuttle receptacle!

This one for Fox at least is safe in her busy tatting hands!

Then there were the purchases that have decided to escape during the move from the farm.....grrr.

Holly shuttle from Sally Kerson
Rosewood flat shuttle from Sally Kerson
El Cheapo shuttles from Tombolo & Disegni (10 of them to be precise!)
and 4 sets of these I intended to decorate.....GRRRRRRRRR

Worst of all there were these escapees during out trip to Temora in November.....personally I think they took the whole"liberated from their boxes" thing a BIT too far....
Especially one like this little fella from Chris Hinton (this one isn't mine - nicked the pic from internet never got around to photographing my one)......took me 20 months to get them to cough this one up...should never have taken it out of the box!

And the only bobbin shuttles I have ever been on speaking terms with.... a GR-8 ebony single bobbin shuttle and my precious Autumn Bird LaCossette (this one I am the saddest about - I love that shuttle!)

Luckily the David Reed Smith shuttles that Fox gifted to me and the ones I bought after that decided to stay at home and negotiate a peace deal with the Clover shuttles this spring...

So... if you happen to see any of these shuttles in you neighbourhood or have any dreams or thoughts on where the heck they could be....
feel free to contact me!!! LOL (not really laughing.....really worried for their safety!)


UPDATE.....ALL the missing shuttles have made their way home and are now locked up in maximum security and only let out on special occasions!