Monday, August 8, 2011

Bookmark 11 and a trip to Brisbane.

This next bookmark has been a long time coming. It can probably claim title as my new "aircraft" project bookmark LOL. It was started when I went to Denmark last September and only just finished this last weekend on my flight back from Brisbane.

The pattern is Jon Yusoff's Bookmark with Overlapping Chains and can be found here: 

But don't just go to that page!! Take time to go look around Jon's blog. She is such a talented tatter and designer as well as a lovely person. We are so lucky to have tatters like Jon who are so generous with their time and patterns.

Bookmark 11:

Thread is Lizbeth Spring Garden in 20 and Anchor Liana 20 dark green.


Talking of trips on aircraft - 
Had a fantastic couple of days up in Brisbane with Maureen Lawrence. Went up to Crochet Australia at Maleny to see Vicki on Friday and of course had to spend my pocket money on more Lizbeth ( but I will stand by my claim that it was ALL Maureen's fault, putting me in a room full of lovely colors LOL).  Then spent the evening chatting and looking through Maureen's new tatting books and trying to not drool too much! If you ever think you have a LOT of tatting books - talk to Maureen!!!

Spent a wonderful Saturday with the Queensland Tatters group at Brisbane Library. Perfect way to spend a few days away and I thank everyone for making it so pleasurable. If you get the chance and you are in Brisbane (Australia) on the first Saturday of the month make sure you head there and take a look. You will be welcomed for sure. 

Now back to finding some more patterns to complete this challenge!!