Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sneak Peek....

I was chatting with Jane Eborall about how to design animals as I wanted to make a koala to possibly try and help raise funds for our bushfire affected wildlife here in Australia.

Well as usual Jane was well ahead of me and asked if I would like to proof her new koala pattern!!

Hmmmm...would I? You bet I would.

So Sunday night was dedicated to not only proofing Jane's pattern, but learning techniques I had never done before! Folded ring and double double stitch. Plus adding a bead to the centre of a ring which I have done but had forgotten how to do....duh!

Don't be put off....they were pretty easy once you got the hang of them! Plus Jane has her great  technique 'how to' pages on her site.

Koala took me about 1.5 hrs but that included learning the techniques I was clueless about.

He is gorgeous!
Thanks Jane and BC3. Luv ya xx

Thread is size 40
Gunmetal grey and black by AlenAleaDesign

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Magic squares - easier than you might think!

I was reading through Robin Perfetti's blog a while back and was interested in her tutorial on making Magic Squares.

SO with my 2 UFO doilies finished (yeay me!) I decided to try it with one of my favourite patterns by Tina Frauberger.

Susanne had very graciously drawn the pattern up a few years ago when we were online chat tatting and going through the Frauberger books. Her diagramming skills are SO much better than mine and these were really helpful in nutting out the terminology in the old books (Thanks Susanne)

I did exactly what Robin says to do in the tutorial but I did it in Serif instead of Inkscape.
After cutting out the centre I saw that the easiest thing would be to just use the long chain as it was previously used. This made it much easier as I did not have to try to develop a centre. Not keen on getting too adventurous on a first try!

Anyway this is the result. Thank you so much Robin Perfetti!!

Wrong thread to use but it was all I had with me.....

Off to try some more!

If you want to try it the rings are all 4-4-4-4
There are three lengths of chains 5ds    5-5   and  6-4-4-6
The joins you will have to look at as you go. I have made a few extra joins as I went so might need to look at the pic......or make it your way!!!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The joys of Moje Robotki

I was recently gifted a stack of the Polish magazine Moje Robotki.

There is usually a tatting pattern somewhere in the pages. A lot were from Jan Stawasz and are in his books but every now and then there is a pattern that is not in either of the books so is a bit of a bonus because not everyone is doing it!

So this one came out of Moje Robotki issue 3 2007

Nice little pattern to do but I felt just the grey was too dull so I added cream to break it up a little bit.
Only issue with the pattern is that the ring count for the last row is missing so I used 1-3+3-1 and it seemed to work ok.

Friday, October 18, 2019

A challenge.

Looking through Facebook tonight I came across an event called Jesienny Antydepresant run by Laura Bziukiewicz. I have been a fan of her designs for quite a while and was keen to join in.
The event started in September and Laura kindly allowed me to join and catch up.

So I though about how to go about the theme. Translated it is Autumnal Antidepressant.

My idea was to actually put a theme of colors into the piece starting with the dark thought of an oncoming winter (black) gradually becoming brighter as the anitdepressant qualities of tatting kicked in.....right....off to tat.

But..as usual..I hit a roadblock.

Those of you who know me well, know that I am not very good with colour schemes. I fiddle around, choose colours, find I don't actually HAVE all the colours, go find some that I do have, kick myself that I forgot to get a certain colour while I had a chance, find the ones I want then see they are different sizes, procrastinate a little more, then finally decide to just do it in ecru.

Well this time was no different - except this time I enlisted the help of friends to try to sort a colour scheme.

The more we played the less I liked the idea of all those colours - just not me. Plus being different brands they did not all tat up the same.

I really wanted to use the awesome HDT Sue Hanson sent me but I did not want to waste any or get half way through a piece and just get the icks from it.

So I changed everything. I decided on 4 colours and set to work.

I present to you - Jesienny Antydepresant.

One of the most enjoyable tats I have done in ages. Very little unpicking and very little stress.
Thank you Laura Bziukiewicz  for not only allowing me to join in, but for another AMAZING pattern. Your talent and generosity is greatly appreciated. xx

The black, grey and purple are from AlenAleaDesign (Lea Rako) https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/AlenAleaDesign?ref=shop_sugg                    Her threads are amazing to tat with and she can even do custom colours for you.
The variegated is from my dear friend Sue Hanson - Thanks Sue xx

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Home to Australia

Wow....what a buzz that was.

So much to see and do in such a short amount of time. But it was ALL wonderful and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Unpacking my bags now so I have to show you the great bags I got from Ginny and Karen.

Ginny made me this awesome blue (my fav color) bag to hold my tatting projects. It has zippered compartments and the fabric inside has a tatting motif on it! Is now sporting my badges from the states I travelled through on my trip. Soon to be full of my latest project! Thanks so much Ginny. This bag means a lot to me and will be a treasured possession! XX

Ginny also made me this great little mug cover. Has pockets all around the outside for quick access to shuttles and some more pockets inside! Currently sitting on my desk on the Finger Lakes mug!

Karen Witchey made me a great tote bag which I am going to use to store threads in to sit near my desk when I am working. Has a gorgeous decorated horse on one side and shuttles on the other!
Thank you Karen. For everything. Being my tour guide, Going on the boat (!!!) and for keeping me warm with a windcheater at Watkins Glen. It was really appreciated. XX

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The amazing trip - Tat Day at Ginny's. Port Byron, NY

Started the day with Ginny, Deana, Vicki and myself.
A slightly overcast day, not too hot, not too cold. Perfect for tatting.

Within a couple of hours we had a table full of tatters, chatting and laughing and generally having a great time.

Karey Solomon brought some of her threads to look at and purchase. I was given a great little bag with some of her Tatting Times and some thread and a Finger Lakes 20th Anniversary mug (now proudly on my desk!)

Kathy Berndt showed us a couple of the impressive shawls she has made.
Particularly fond of the Konior Windmills one.....could have easily found its way back to Australia!
It was great to catch up with her again after being at the tat Days in Toccoa.

Yes Kathy....that one!! If it ever finds itself in need of a good home.......

Dani Rotach and I found that we lean to the Whovian side...
Her bag, my shuttle.

Ginny and her parents, Paul and Bunny set up the tables and started unloading the food for the lunch!
Oh my.......such a selection of foods and it was ALL good!! Thank you tatting friends who all contributed to the spread!

By the time we all had something to eat, it was nap time for some of the household. Paul was well guarded by his faithful watchdog, Suzie.

While some of us migrated to the porch to make the most of the sunshine in the afternoon.

After a while EVERYONE was out there and the tatting and chatting continued well into the late afternoon.

What an fantastic tat day! It was so nice to meet up with some I knew already and a lot I had never met in person before. Thank you all for making it such a special day!

Friday, September 13, 2019

The amazing trip - Watkins Glen, NY

After the excitement of Niagara Falls, Karen decided to take Deana McKenzie and myself to Watkins Glen. Ginny stayed home to wait for Vicki Clarke to arrive for our tatters weekend.

Off we went and travelled alongside the beautiful Seneca Lake.
A much more sedate day. It was perfect weather to explore and the views did not disappoint!

While maybe not as awe-inspiring as Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen is an amazing place with a unique geology. This falls in full flow would be spectacular in its own right!!

It has unique stone bridges.

LOTS of steps...

some amazing rock formation

and you get to walk behind the falls!!

Karen sporting the windcheater version she bought for herself and I when we got there. Was a tad chilly!

See....behind the falls!!

Rather than walk to the top of the falls, we opted to drive to the park at the top and go for a bit of a walk. Simply beautiful! Quiet and so pretty.

Then it was off home to meet Vicki (Victats) Clarke and the start of our amazing tatting weekend at Ginny's!