A challenge.

Looking through Facebook tonight I came across an event called Jesienny Antydepresant run by Laura Bziukiewicz. I have been a fan of her designs for quite a while and was keen to join in.

The event started in September and Laura kindly allowed me to join and catch up.
So I though about how to go about the theme. Translated it is Autumnal Antidepressant.

My idea was to actually put a theme of colors into the piece starting with the dark thought of an oncoming winter (black) gradually becoming brighter as the anitdepressant qualities of tatting kicked in.....right....off to tat.

But....as usual....I hit a roadblock.

Those of you who know me well, know that I am not very good with colour schemes. I fiddle around, choose colours, find I don't actually HAVE all the colours, go find some that I do have, kick myself that I forgot to get a certain colour while I had a chance, find the ones I want then see they are different sizes, procrastinate a little more, then finally decide to just do it in ecru.

Well this time was no different - except this time I enlisted the help of friends to try to sort a colour scheme.

The more we played the less I liked the idea of all those colours - just not me. Plus being different brands they did not all tat up the same.

I really wanted to use the awesome HDT Sue Hanson sent me but I did not want to waste any or get half way through a piece and just get the icks from it.

So I changed everything. I decided on 4 colours and set to work.

I present to you - Jesienny Antydepresant.
One of the most enjoyable tats I have done in ages. Very little unpicking and very little stress.

Thank you Laura Bziukiewicz for not only allowing me to join in, but for another AMAZING pattern. Your talent and generosity is greatly appreciated. xx

The black, grey and purple are from AlenAleaDesign (Lea Rako)


Her threads are amazing to tat with and she can even do custom colours for you.

The variegated is from my dear friend Sue Hanson - Thanks Sue xx


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