Distraction of the best kind.....

Today I sat at my new desk and I was playing with an oldish design with the view to putting it up for some test tatters to try.

I needed my trusty hook and, as usual, it was nowhere handy.
Also on my desk was a hook fob I had made some years ago out of a necklace I had bought in Denmark. I rummaged around and found a few other bits and bobs and got totally distracted from my original intentions for the afternoon!

So.....I grabbed an old necklace I had been keeping for the beads and pulled it apart to make a fob for my smaller size hook.

In the process I thought.....a chatelaine would look good in this design.....hmmmm.
Thus, an original chatelaine was born.

Meet 'Distraction'.

Then I finally made the fob I had originally intended years ago with one of my favourite old earrings!

By the time I finished it was WAY too late to tat. But in all a very productive day!


  1. Oooh wonderful way to "spruce" up your tatting tools!!! :)

  2. I spy with my little eye - a Milward hook!!!!! Least I think it is. Lost more of those in my teenage years than I could ever count!!!!! Lovely idea - now back to your original plan?


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