Robin Perfetti doily addiction.....

Over the last few months I have had a bit of a pattern purchase splurge and bought several patterns from Robin Perfetti's Etsy shop - tattingbythebay

I bought the Magic Square, Bouquet Doily, and Classic Heart pattern to add to her Snowflake Pattern Pack and Tatted Coasters Pack I bought way back in 2016. (yes they are still sitting there waiting......)

So I thought I had better get out there any do some of them.

Firstly I have to say - if you haven't tried one of Robin's patterns please treat yourself to one or more. Even if you check out her free ones first, that she so generously makes available, on her blog Tatting By the Bay

You will be rewarded with some of the nicest and most logically set out patterns you will ever see and they all tat up beautifully!

So..... firstly I did the Classic Heart (gave it away and the only photo I have is dodgy...oops.) But seriously it is a gorgeous pattern and one I will do over again for sure! (and replace the dodgy pic)

Then I saw a doily mat done by Ginny Weathers and I was intrigued so I went back to Robin's blog and did the Mary Konior Patchwork as a Magic Square that was in her free pattern section.

After that it was time to do the Bouquet Doily. WOW... what a lovely pattern to tat! I chose to make it in blue size 20 HDT from AlenAlea Design and contrast it with white. Love it!

I have seen this doily done in various colors and it always comes up nicely. Straight off the shuttles and it was sitting pretty much perfectly!

So thank you Robin Perfetti. I adore your patterns and you have re-engaged my enthusiasm for tatting.

Off to discover more wonders from this designer!


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